Can the car be equipped with a roof tent? How to install?

Most roof tents are installed on SUVs, but the roof racks of cars are strong enough to add roof tents. Therefore, before the car wants to install the roof tent, it must be equipped with high-strength roof racks, cross-bar racks, and vertical-bar racks. The cross-bars as shown in the following figure:
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Install a roof tent, as long as these 3 conditions are met, you can travel by car with peace of mind

According to Article 54 of the "Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", motor vehicle loads shall not exceed the load weight approved on the motor vehicle driving license, and the length and width of the load shall not exceed the carriage,
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Self-driving people pay attention to the two major requirements for roof racks when installing a roof tent on a car

When installing a roof tent, there are requirements for roof racks, which can be roughly divided into two types:
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Advantages of Pickup Piggyback Box

1. It does not rely on campsites and can camp comfortably in extreme environments. 2. There is no loss of engine or gear, and there is no risk of tire blowout.
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If you are afraid of fines for installing a roof tent, you must keep these two things in mind!

Friends who like to travel by car cannot do without tents, especially the tents installed on the roof rack. They are very convenient. One does not occupy the storage space in the car, and the other is not restricted by the unfolding terrain.
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Is the roof tent suitable for long-term travel?

Let's first understand what the tent is used for. The roof tent is a kind of self-driving traveling equipment, which is mainly installed on the roof of the car to allow travelers to rest and can move with the car. Compared with ordinary camping tents, the difference is that the roof tent is fixed on the roof rack on the top of the car, while the ordinary camping tent is stationed on the ground.
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